Jennifer Neveu-Campsall

Jennifer Neveu-CampsallJennifer Neveu-Campsall grew up in Scarborough but became an Uxbridge Library Card carrying member in 1988, spending every weekend in town when her father opened Encore Music on Brock Street.  Eventually moving north and making Uxbridge her home, she is well ensconced in the community as a musician, teacher and choral conductor, mom, and wife.  Jennifer and Scott joined forces in 2014 working together to build both her music studio and Okami Kai Martial Arts and Fitness and were married in 2018.  Their partnership continues through the furtherment of their respective businesses despite having been “non-essential” through the pandemic and are excited to continue the growth of Uxbridge Beat with the focus on the town that they both know and love.
Jennifer is the “go to gal” for podcast bookings and would be happy to discuss your ideas for episodes and content!

Scott Campsall

Scott CampsallScott Campsall is the founder and Chief Instructor of Okami Kai Martial Arts and Fitness, an award-winning business that he founded in September 1999. It seemed that when Covid-19 took over the world, trying to make money doing things that relied on people touching and interacting with each other may not have been a sustainable idea. Scott continued to navigate the business through the pandemic, but also seized the opportunity to get a college diploma in Radio Broadcasting and graduated with high honours in April 2022. It was while learning about radio that he was taught about producing podcasts and was given the job of creating one as an assignment for one of his classes. Upon the suggestion of his wife, Jennifer, Scott submitted a test pilot for Uxbridge Beat and was given compliments and high marks by his professor who suggested that he keep working on the idea. The first episode of Uxbridge Beat was launched on Jan.10, 2022 and Scott was able to merge both his love of radio with his fondness for his hometown. Even better, he did not need to look for a sponsor as Okami Kai could benefit from the advertising. So, despite the possibility of him being weakened by the pandemic, Scott is now busier than ever, not only continuing to manage his martial art and fitness school, but also working on Uxbridge Beat.  Add on the fact that he is also a husband, father, and stepfather and he is extremely active and busy…which is just the way he likes it.