Bad Days With Pants On

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Robin Williams (Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage)
Robin Williams (Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage)

Yes, we have bad days too.

My mother used to talk about celebrities having to put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. She would say it when someone was getting what she thought was too much attention or maybe what she thought was too high a salary.  A lot of pro athletes come to mind.

I must confess that I never think too much about people putting their pants on, but I also do not usually think of how people cope with life’s pressures until something reminds me that they are in fact like everyone else.  As I type this, Robin Williams comes to mind.  Williams was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease which his widow and medical experts agree was the influencing factor as to why he committed suicide.  While he was alive, he was in fact full of life.  Perhaps this is why he is so well remembered and why his sense of humour and creativity was so much appreciated by the world.

While Robin Williams was putting his pants on, he most likely experienced bad days where he was not feeling like the comedic genius that many believed he was.  During the fast few years during and after all of the Covid lockdowns and restrictions, I have heard many stories of anxiety and depression taking its toll on so many that I assumed had it ‘all together’.  Just because someone looks happy, it doesn’t mean they are not having a difficult day.

If we’re going to say that Uxbridge is a remarkable town, I think we could go a long way in keeping that reputation by checking in on one another. Maybe more texts, phone calls, lunch dates, coffee breaks, and other moments of connection with friends and family could open the doors to conversations. Maybe we could also ward off any depression that might set in by people feeling unloved or unappreciated. Sometimes some emotional support, understanding, and connection is all we need to have better days.

As the old Bell telephone commercials used to encourage us, let’s ‘reach out and touch someone’. Oh! Maybe just make sure you have your pants on first!

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