Dale Campsall – Uxpool’s Origin Story

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Dive into this episode which is swimming with fun historical facts on how Uxpool came to be.  Home to baby swim classes, life saving courses, aquafit, public swimming and of course, our amazing swim team, Uxpool provides an incredible recreational resource for our town.  Dale takes us down memory swim lane into the conception, building and origin of the pool.


  1. An excellent interview that brought back a lot of memories. Thank you Dale for your commitment and dedication to our town over many years.

  2. I enjoyed listening to the podcast. I knew Dale was a coach when our children swam with the Uxbridge Swim Team but was unaware how instrumental he was in getting the pool in the first place. I remember the whistle especially at swim meats. Our girls were very fortunate to have a pool in Uxbridge and I took part int he aquafit and made many friends there. Our oldest daughter has used her skills that she learned in Uxbridge and is now coaching in Germany. Her daughters are continuing in the sport that was all started in Uxbridge Pool. Thank You Dale in helping to get that pool available .

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